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Mitsubishi in the Age of All-Wheel Drive

Mitsubishi's AWC (All Wheel Control) system is one of the most revolutionary and advanced such technologies currently in existence. First developed in 2007 to enhance the road-handling capabilities of the Lancer Evolution, a high-performance sport sedan that has proved to be a worthy rival to its German and American competitors and now offered on the RVR & Outlander, the AWC provides ruggedness and stability as well as improving performance on slippery Quebec road conditions caused by snow and rain.

S-AWC: The Result of Years of Experience in Rally Driving

Mitsubishi spent years refining its performance technologies in rally driving before making the new All Wheel Control system available to consumers. The S-AWC that the Mitsubishi Outlander GT & the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is equipped with is the end result of two decades of development and success in rally racing, and it offers unmatched dynamic control to each wheel. The system has no equivalent in any other all-wheel-drive technologies currently available on the market.


Mitsubishi's S-AWC integrates a network of components including:

Active Center Differential (ACD): Ensures exceptional handling and perfect responsiveness to actual driving conditions.

- Active Yaw Control (AYC): Controls the distribution of torque to improve performance on curves by limiting the vehicle's yaw movements.

- Active Stability Control (ASC): Effectively controls the vehicle's dynamics during acceleration and deceleration and when cornering. Also plays a role in regulating torque and braking force on each wheel.

- Sport ABS brakes: Ensures steering control and stability in hard-braking situations or when braking on slippery roads.
According to Mitsubishi, the result is increased driving power, improved performance when cornering and enhanced stability in the full range of driving conditions.


Much More Than an All-Wheel-Drive System

What is the fundamental difference between a standard all-wheel drive and Mitsubishi's AWC (All-Wheel-Control) system? We invite you to view this short video from Mitsubishi Canada for a clear demonstration. You can also join one of our team members or even better, come and test drive it on your own! Nothing better than the touch & the feel!