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What is CVT transmission?


The progress of the automatic transmission: CVT transmission
At vehicles demonstrations, my clients ask me:

"Is this automatic? " or "A CVT transmission, what is it? "

The purpose of an automatic transmission is to increase the number of gears to improve fuel economy and performance. Five speeds will be better than four speeds.

The continuously variable transmission, involves a system that uses two cones connected by a belt and choses the ideal ratio between its pulleys to optimize engine torque.

This transmission is designed lighter and more compact than a automatic or manual transmission. It is also long-term sustainable.
It has many advantages over the standard transmissions:
1. Reduction of noise from the engine
2. Increased fuel economy
3. Changing speeds without the sensation of effort
4. A higher performance (strength and lightness)
5. Better durability

The driving experience will be even more enjoyable, your money will remain in your pockets and you will be protected driving a vehicle with the world best warranty! The CVT can be found on the Mirage, the RVR and the Outlander.

Come and meet us to try it yourself and live the Mitsubishi experience!