Lease or buy your Mitsubishi?

Are you looking to get a new Mitsubishi but you are not sure if you should purchase it or lease it? At John Scotti Mitsubishi, our team of financing experts is here to help you and guide you through the wide range of financing and leasing options that are presented to you when looking for a new vehicle. 

Make the Right Decision with the Help of Our Financing Team

At John Scotti Mitsubishi, our team goes beyond offering you financing and leasing. We also provide expertise and advice, and we can help you decide between financing and leasing. We promise that you will be impressed by the quality of our services as well as the knowledge and expertise of our team. 

Deciding between leasing and financing involves taking a look at your needs and determining how you plan to use your vehicle and how long you want to keep it for. John Scotti Mitsubishi can help with all of these elements. If you are planning on keeping your Mitsubishi for three or four years, like to replace your vehicle often, and want the lowest monthly payment possible, leasing is probably best. If you prefer keeping your vehicle for as long as you can or don’t want to worry about mileage restrictions, financing is probably the better option.

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