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Making electric a priority for years to come, Mitsubishi will continue to be innovative and will surprise in the coming years. On the one hand by offering more and more efficient electric vehicles but also by the electrification of its new dealerships.

Mitsubishi dealerships electrified

Mitsubishi innovates in the field of electric and plug-in hybrid. The success of its Outlander PHEV and the probable arrival of a plug-in hybrid version of the Eclipse Cross make it one of the world's most successful manufacturers in this field.


The Japanese manufacturer wanted to benefit customers from this technology from the very beginning of their buying experience: the dealership.


Autonomous dealerships thanks to renewable energies

These dealerships are equipped with photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. This means that you are not dependent on electricity. In Japan, where the first were inaugurated, power cuts are not uncommon. This new type of dealerships could thus make it possible to compensate for a general power failure.


But even more, it is the vehicles that could fill the electricity needs!

Vehicles supply dealerships with electricity

In another blog, we saw that the Outlander PHEV  was capable of supplying electricity to a building. So imagine a whole fleet of Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid vehicles!


By connecting all the hybrid vehicles to the dealership, it would be possible to feed the hybrid for several hours or even days! According to Mitsubishi, an Outlander PHEV, with full gas, can supply a house for 10 days with electricity. These figures are given in the case of a reduced consumption to the "strict necessary" but it gives an idea of what one is able to do with this technology.

An electric Mitsubishi dealership in Montreal?

For now, nothing is planned! Your John Scotti Mitsubishi Montreal Dealer does not plan to become electric right away. The first models of these dealerships have been commissioned in Japan and the next openings should be in Europe.

In the meantime, we invite you to discover our rechargeable hybrid vehicles at John Scotti Mitsubishi in Montreal.