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The test drive, a necessary step when buying a vehicle

Whether you plan to buy a new or used car, the test drive is a very important step that no one should ignore. Nonetheless, some customers prefer to skip this part because they don't have enough time to spend or simply because they think it is useless.


It is in fact the only way to shed some light on all the strengths and weaknesses of a vehicle so that you can then compare it to a rival model. Thus, if you want to be certain of making the right choice, you have to test drive every vehicle you are considering.


Test driving a car doesn't come with any obligation for the customer. At John Scotti Mitsubishi, we put all our effort to make it a pleasant and time-optimized experience. That's why our Mitsubishi dealership offers you the opportunity to test drive our models between 9:00 am and 9:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Tips before debuting the test drive

When you arrive at a dealership or a private seller's address, don't hesitate to take all the time you need to examine the exterior of the car. It is a good way to see if its look really suits your tastes.


If it is a used car, this verification also and foremost allows you to check for flaws that could have been omitted by the seller. Incidentally, be sure that no fluid leaks are present underneath the vehicle. Furthermore, don't forget to check the tires.


At John Scotti Mitsubishi, we offer a wide choice of certified pre-owned Mitsubishi vehicles so that you don't have to worry with that kind of matters. These cars are indeed subject to a 160-point inspection to ensure their condition is virtually brand new.

Other verifications to do during the test drive

Once you are on the road, you will be able to judge the seats and ride comfort. Don't forget to adjust your seat position and choose the right driving mode to get the settings that best suit your needs.

The test drive is also the perfect time to try all the equipments and safety systems offered in the car. With Mitsubishi's models, this can take quite a long time since most of them are well equipped. For example, on the 2017 RVR, standard features include air-conditioning, cruise control as well as heated front seats.


Last but certainly not least, the test drive will give you all the informations you need about the powertrain and chassis. Is the engine powerful enough? Is the steering smooth and responsive? All those questions can only be answered after a test drive.


Furthermore, it is the only moment to take full measure of the incredible level of grip offered by All-Wheel Control (AWC), Mitsubishi's intelligent AWD system. It is indeed hard to believe how well it can perform before trying it.

As you will have understood you have everything to win by test-driving a car. If you plan on trying a Mitsubishi vehicle soon, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the links below.



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