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Recommend Mitsubishi vehicles to your relatives and earn money

Mitsubishi celebrate its 100th anniversary this year but the manufacturer is only present in Canada since 2002. Nevertheless, its growth in the country is outstanding. At Mitsubishi, we know that we owe this success to you, our customers.


This is the reason why we, at John Scotti Mitsubishi, want to thank you by offering a gift for each Mitsubishi vehicle sold to one of your relatives. Indeed, if you share your experience as a Mitsubishi customer to a friend or a member of your family and that this person follows your advice by buying one of our vehicles, you will receive $100 to spend on whatever you like once the sale is over.


That means you will be rewarded just for letting the world know that you are happy with your Mitsubishi vehicle and John Scotti Mitsubishi's service. It is as simple as it gets.

You could also mention our unprecedented 10-year/160,000 km powertrain limited warranty available on most of our models. It is a unique feature on the market and a very good reason to consider buying a Mitsubishi vehicle.

Moreover, if you are the lucky owner of a Mitsubishi Vehicle equipped with All-Wheel Control (AWC), Mitsubishi's smart AWD system, don't hesitate to praise its astonishing capabilities in winter weather. There is no doubt that your relatives will be very grateful to you when they will hit the road to their workplace without having to plow the snow.