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John Scotti Mitsubishi offers now car tuning section in Montreal

For some time now, John Scotti Mitsubishi realizes that several changes in the automotive world are underway, and in particular the explosion of demand for vehicle modification. This trend was confirmed once again during the successful Montreal Autorama show.


John Scotti Mitsubishi was present at this Autorama show 2017, not only with its range of vehicles but also with a great surprise for visitors which was the announcement of its new section: tuning.


Tuning or vehicle modification is a process that has been widespread for years and consists of making improvements to a personal car to make it a work that stands out from the rest. The success of certain movies such as "Fast and Furious" have helped raising awareness of this practice.


Nevertheless, car users might have questions like: what about regulations? Where can I get help regarding the procedure to modify my car? What is allowed, what is prohibited? Is this allowed to modify my front bumper? Which insurance to chose for my modified car? Are 18-inch rims suitable for my car?


The answer to all these questions can be found at John Scotti Mitsubishi. Our car dealer in Montreal has decided to offer a complete service for tuning, and our team will accompany you throughout all your vehicle modification process. From the step of the reflection to be implemented on a plan, to the choice of parts, we will find together the solution that best fits your vehicle. Of course, everything will be done in compliance with the legislation related to the modification of vehicle provided by the SAAQ in Quebec.


Our team will adapt as much as possible to all situations but also to all budgets. Indeed, it is not the budget that counts most, but your passion and your desire to own a unique car. To achieve this, our team will be happy to help you and offer you the best solution depending on your budget.


For performance or aesthetic changes, many solutions exist. We will help you make the best choice and offer you the best equipment.

The manufacturer's warranty is retained

At Mitsubishivehicle warranty is an essential element. The vehicle modification service proposed by John Scotti Mitsubishi will of course respect the manufacturer's warranty. The installed parts will be provided by the manufacturer directly, parts that will allow you to keep your warranty and thus to enjoy performance and esthetic improvements in safety.

Contact us

To take advantage of this new service offered by your dealership, John Scotti Mitsubishi, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to answer all your questions regarding your tuning project.

Discover some pictures of tuning car modified by John Scotti Mitsubishi.